Memory Lane

Now, there is no little girl, no nano, no khalas. Nothing but a devastating rubble of my beloved brick house and buried with it, all of my happiness, the love, and all the memories of a past I long to return to and never come back from. I am still here, looking at an emptiness that glares back at me.[…]


The circle of life

His heart ached, he felt like he was drowning-drowning in an ocean of haunting memories of a forgotten past, in a sea of malignant dolour of what pain, he could not seem to fathom. But he was drowning. And as he stared into her desolate eyes, he saw that she too was drowning.

The Man Who Loved

The mist settled over the city, engulfing it in its sheer gloom. The sun had just set, splashing a beautiful set of colours across the vast curtain of magic they call the ‘sky’; it split into a series of shades of orange and red- scarlet, cherry, blood, ruby, amber, salmon, rust, tawny. The colours blend […]